Meet the Author


Thanks to all of those who attended the “Meet the Author” webinar featuring Steve Eschbach, the author of the newly released book, “Link, Learn, Leverage: Why Networking Is Your Greatest Asset.”

Steve Eschbach HeadshotSteve Eschbach is a senior-level financial executive with extensive expertise in mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, corporate communications and client relationship management. He is president and owner of Transworld Business Advisors of Naperville, and the principal and founding member of Eschbach & Associates, LLC, a financial communications and investor relations consulting firm. Since 1999 he has successfully navigated the challenges of numerous executive role transitions and owns multiple businesses.

On the call Steve discussed:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes people make when “trying to network”
  • Why networking has far-reaching benefits for all aspects of life
  • Why “visibility is key”
  • How and why professionals should “network on purpose”
  • Why two people can go to the same event and have completely different results.
  • How to make networking more effective for you

If would like to listen to the replay, register below for instant access!

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